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The mountains are full of fun and adventures—but what use is that if you have to leave your fur babies behind? Not to worry. We love our pups, too, so you’ll find plenty to explore with man’s best friend by your side in Franklin, North Carolina. Dog-friendly hotels in Franklin Read More
When planning to take your students out for a field trip, there are several boxes you want to check: How can you make it educational? Fun? Impactful and meaningful? Picking an activity or location can be difficult, which is why we’re here to help. Whatever your goals, Franklin has plenty Read More
Whether you live a couple hours or a couple layovers from the mountains, this is the place to come when the holidays roll around. So what makes it worth the trek? Why pack up the family and meet in Franklin, North Carolina for Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Year’s? Views that Read More
Autumn looks good on the Appalachian Mountains. When the rolling hills and bouldering peaks unfurl their spatters of reds, yellows, and fiery oranges, there’s nothing better than wrapping up in your favorite fall clothes and setting out on a leaf-looking adventure. The colorful views abound almost everywhere you turn in Read More
Family is a beautiful thing, but raising one isn’t always a peace and quiet sort of thing. Now that your kids have flown the nest and are off to make their own way, you can take a deep breath and enjoy your own glorious freedom. It’s high time for a Read More

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