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Working Remote Blog
Whether you’re a local who needs a place to go when you need to get work done or a visitor who has to take assignments on the road, finding a nice space to settle in is crucial. You need good WiFi, a pleasant atmosphere, and (most important) some yummy foodRead More
6 Ways to Slow Down in The Mountains
When the world becomes a bit too much to take in, a trip to the mountains is quite often just what you need. We all know about unplugging—ditching Wi-Fi, phone data, and electronics—but that’s really only half the battle. Once you take those things out, what do you replace themRead More
John MacLean Photographer
Our Beautifully Strong, But Fragile Earth: An Interview with Local Photographer John MacLean Franklin is home to many artists who are inspired by life in a blue ridge mountain valley. Photographers in particular find themselves surrounded by infinite possibilities to capture and create art, and one such photographer, John MacLean,Read More
Blog Unforgettable Mountain Wedding
Picture this: The moment has finally arrived for you and your love to stand hand in hand, all your friends and family present, to promise your undying love and commitment to one another. All around you, the mountains roll in beautiful hues of blue and green, and the air isRead More
Complimentary Services - Franklin NC
Who doesn’t love a freebie, especially in Western North Carolina, where Appalachian adventures abound? If you’re looking for fun things to do in our lovely valley that go easy on your wallet, check out these five attractions that are absolutely free! Note: Some of these items are unavailable during COVID-19—however,Read More

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