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Waterfall Destinations in Franklin, NC Blog
Where there are mountains, there are waterfalls—and ours near Franklin, North Carolina are truly spectacular! You don’t want to miss these breathtaking natural phenomena on your next visit up to the Blue Ridge, so we’re here to tell you a little bit about some of our most popular spots. ThisRead More
Celebrate the Fourth of July, Franklin Style! Blog
A crowd gathers for a family-friendly fireworks show on the 4 of July in the Blue Ridge Mountains Perhaps second only to Christmas (if it’s second at all), the Fourth of July is the best family holiday of the year—so of course, you want to go somewhere to have funRead More
Gem Mining in Franklin, NC
Picture this: You’re in the beautiful Smoky Mountains for a long weekend, looking for something to do. The sun is out but not too warm, and you’d love to spend a couple hours outside, but you already have plans to go hiking and swimming over the next two or threeRead More
Franklin in 3 Days Blog
Looking for a Smoky Mountain getaway that won’t break the bank? Franklin, North Carolina is the perfect spot for you. From Main Street shopping to hiking to chasing waterfalls, you’re sure to have a blast no matter how long you stay. Here’s what to do in Franklin if you’re inRead More
How I saw the total eclipse of the sun on my birthday in Franklin, North Carolina. By Terry Rader, Freelance Writer We felt blessed to get away and devote a couple of days to experience a natural phenomenon that occurred on Monday, August 21, 2017. Three of us traveled westRead More

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